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Bougies Loves:

I have been looking for the perfect face cream, the tasty body scrub, the feel so silky smooth lotion, that smells yummy and is good for my skin. I found it all in their products smell so good and are so healthy because they are all organic. I love all their soaps and scrubs, the smell is long-lasting. I have ordered from them around 3 times and they are:

1. Always on time

2. Good Prices

3. Excellent product quality 

Here are the brands of skin care they sell:

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My favourite product is the Pink Champagne body scrub by 100% pure:


On the way: Miu Miu Boots

This is on the way to my house! I am already gearing up for the autumn.. Check out my MIU MIU  peep toe boots

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Wanted: The Bullet paneled leggings

Arent you bored of the usually leggings and jeggings, well look at what Sass & Bide have cooked up for us this season! They are so funky, stylish, sexy and heavy! They would go great with this amazing black top I have!

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Sass & Bide around KD 400 

Trend Alert: Frame Bags

Small Frame bags are becoming really popular, I love how the girls are wearing them in black and pastels, mostly Chanel. But the one that really caught my attention is this HERMES  frame bag.

You make me proud

As you all know I have recently moved to a new job, and I must say, I am so proud of how the women here dress. They are extremely professional and trendy, they smell so good, they have excellent colour ordination, I want to raid their wardrobes. In my head ladies, you look like Vogue Editors!

Specially you Miss Alia. You light up my day.



Octopus Paul: We need you

Eight legged Paul, after accurately predicting 8 FIFA world cup results, he is my new super hero. He is extremely wise and useful. I was thinking this morning I have so many things that waste my time everyday and I need Paul to help me out. Her is a list of decisions I need Paul to make for me:

1. What to wear for work

2. What to have for breakfast

3.  Is it ok to wear a wig sometimes?

4. Should I cut my hair?

These are just a few of the most difficult decision I have to make. Maybe the best solution for indecisiveness is Mr. Paul Octopus


…..aaaaand I’m back


This has been the most stressful 6 months ever. The new and improved bougies is back with new tricks. I have had a career change, banking. I know right?! So not me. But hey, I’m doing ok.. Missing  you guys back at the old place. Love you.

Off to Sharm this weekend. I will try to post in between tanning sessions.