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Linday Lohans Message

When Lindsay Lohan showed up in court, she showed up with a message hidden in her manicure!! I think she is trying to communicate with the judge, the paparazzi, basically everyone. F*** YOU was written over a very summery pastel middle finger nail. I always judge people by how clean their nails are, and how good her paint job was done, from now on I’m gonna judge by the message people put on their nails.

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Marilyn Monroe

The Los Angeles mansion where Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe died of a sleeping-pill overdose 47 years ago is on the market for $3.6 million.

Thats around 1.2 million KD, hmmm thats what Kuwaitis pay here for a house in Fai7a lol ! Not fair!

Walk of Fame- Cameron Diaz

Finally, Cameron D, one of the most paid actresses gets her star on the Walk.

She is adorable, funny and an environmentalist.