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…..aaaaand I’m back


This has been the most stressful 6 months ever. The new and improved bougies is back with new tricks. I have had a career change, banking. I know right?! So not me. But hey, I’m doing ok.. Missing  you guys back at the old place. Love you.

Off to Sharm this weekend. I will try to post in between tanning sessions.




Colourful Thursday




Spring Breakdown


My Huge Purple Flower

It’s so funny that I am walking around the office with this huge flower attached to my toes. Some think it’s lovely, some gasp, some stop what they are doing and stare– But I LOVE THEM!

I bought them from SAUCE Dubai for like 800 AED,  I think.



Jeddah- Mall of Arabia

So, at 2pm today I am heading to Jeddah. I have organized an opening event there. I am not looking forward to it, but I am interested to see peoples reactions and interaction. I am all dolled up in my 3abaya. I will share pictures.




Wath7a and Dalal,  check the guys in the back.

American troops in Kuwait have swine flu


Eighteen US soldiers in Kuwait have been tested positive for swine flu, health authorities have said.

The cases are the first to be reported from the Gulf region since the H1N1 outbreak of influenza type A began last month in Mexico.

A Kuwaiti health spokesman told the AFP news agency that the personnel affected had already left the country.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported 12,022 cases of swine flu around the world, with 86 fatalities.

New cases

“All the 18 soldiers have left Kuwait. They had normal symptoms of the disease and were given the necessary medication,” public health department deputy Yussef Mendkar was quoted by AFP.

Kuwait is used as a logistics base for troops serving in Iraq. Some 15,000 troops are based there.

The US personnel had not come into contact with Kuwaiti citizens, the Reuters news agency said.

On Friday, 11 new cases of the disease were confirmed at a Spanish military school about 20 miles outside the capital Madrid.

The disease has now been confirmed in 44 countries, WHO said.


Celebrity Style: Kate Bosworth Chic